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Where Should I travel?

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New York, Cairo, Los Angeles,Moscow,Dubai…… so many cities around a world…. but I’m kept wondering everyday where should I go for this summer. To myself, I’m kinda try to go to Egypt…. Egypt is a country that I study a lot and also learned and did some cool project about Mummies…. travelling there might worth a lot!!!!

Next, I recommend USA, because It’s home of Iphone(by the way Iphones are way to cheap there, 399 bucks for 128gb Iphone 6!), More services will going on there, and really interesting to visit time square, which I dreamed to go there for 4 years! Of course there’s lots of monuments there:)

Next… Moscow! It’ll be beautiful to see some snows in there 🙂 With some beautiful places there 🙂

What’s your favorite? Leave a comments below!

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This Week….

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Hi everyone. I finally got into my account  (I stuck on the password, I was able to reset it…). So anyway, My weekend was fine, just as my last week. In school, It was Perfect! I was able to buy some books in the scholastic book fair, which was pretty fun. In my class, It was pretty fun that my classmate Layla bought scholastic almanac and spoke some korean using that 🙂 (she asked some questions about that to me:) ) The bad thing is that my classmates acting way too crazy this week. Some boys (not me) got some punishments as well as some girls… I love ASK, that makes me sad that I’m graduating soon…..:( Also Little introduction of myself since this is my first post. My name is Hyunseop Jang and I’m from Seoul, South Korea. I’ll be making blogs for years about my life. I’m kinda little techboy (lol)

You could Follow me on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram. I’m currently at ASK (American School of Kuwait) and I’m really enjoying that school. Also, to tell the secret, I like a girl, unlike other boys. (In my class, I like girl named Layla.(now I told a secret….oops)) Anyway that’s it for today:) Facebook: HS Jang Twitter: Hyunseop Jang Instagram: hyunseop_jang